Solve Space Issues with a Multifunctional Kitchen

These days, homes are being built with smaller footprints, and homeowners are getting accustomed to making do with less space. One fantastic way to do this is by making different spaces multifunctional—including the kitchen! Freshome did a great piece on “How to Make Your Kitchen More Multifunctional.” Here are a few of their tips, in brief:

  • Be able to prepare and serve food in the same vicinities. Choose a countertop that can also serve as an eating space.
  • Get a workstation that’s on casters so you can move it around to suit your various needs.
  • Think beyond food and cooking. Install a bar area where your kids can also do homework, for example.

Head over to Freshome for more details on these and other ideas on making the most of your kitchen space. If you’re interested in an efficient, multifunctional kitchen, stop by a Klaff’s luxury home design store to see all of our kitchen solutions.

Image via Freshome

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