How Your Cabinets Can Give Your Kitchen a Modern Edge


The cabinetry in a contemporary kitchen often comes across as uninspiring and does nothing more than blend into the surrounding wall space. With just a little imagination those ordinary kitchen cabinets can easily make a fantastic visual impact. When considering adding stainless steel to a kitchen most people gravitate toward stainless appliances, … [Read more...]

Express Yourself Through Your Backsplash


When redesigning a kitchen, sometimes the backsplash is overlooked for no other reason other than the contractor or homeowner doesn't see the potential in creative design.  Most of the time it ends up getting tiled an attractive neutral, which works well but could be so much more with a bit of imaginative inspiration. The perfect finishing touch in a … [Read more...]

Cool and Textured: Industrial Style in the Bathroom


Want to shake up your bathroom decor? These fantastic bathroom design ideas are now incorporating industrial style and texture for an exciting new and creative look. When most of us think industrial style we envision raw materials such as brick walls, exposed pipes, and distressed wood. Now many manufacturers are designing everything from bath vanities to … [Read more...]