Be Your Own Interior Designer With These Tips


When you have Klaff's, the premier home design store in NY, to assist with all your design decisions, it's easy to have a home that looks like a professional designer did all the work. Select your primary color for a room and then add two complementing shades. The first color goes on the walls, the next is highlighted in furniture, rugs and window … [Read more...]

Coral is a Hot New Color This Summer


Coral is such a bright happy color! It's not too feminine, goes with everything and works perfectly as either the primary room color or as an accent shade. Need some interesting home design ideas for incorporating coral into your decor? Keep reading! Shades of ripe apricot or soft peach subtly added in window treatments, upholstery and room accessories … [Read more...]

Island Living: Kitchen Island Inspiration


When designing a kitchen island most people just assume their only option is a rectangular cabinet and countertop, both which match the rest of the room's cabinetry. But as these examples show, a kitchen island can be as unusual and unique as the rest of your entire home. For a smaller kitchen, consider incorporating a salvaged piece which normally … [Read more...]